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ABOUT US -Industrial Brushes

In 1928 the Insausti brothers, Blas and Esteban, decided to combine their efforts and knowledge to found a company manufacturing brushes and brooms.  With a great deal of imagination and dedication they came through some very difficult years.  What began as a workshop of just 30 m2 became a 400m2  factory in the Estrecho district of Madrid

Surprisingly, in days when women were relegated to working in the home, reinforcement came from the founders’ daughters.  The Insausti sisters shone as innovative business women, conceiving and developing new ideas and products which led to expansion of the factory to 1,100 m2 in one of the most progressive industrial zones.

Today, three generations later, we continue with the same enterprising spirit inherited from our ancestors, responsible for the continual improvement of our products and services.

We know that our long and successful past alone is not enough to respond to the needs of our clients and for that we keep right up to date with new materials and production techniques, maximising our investment in leading edge machinery.

We also maintain tight working relationships with other manufacturers so that if we cannot produce your item we can obtain it for you with all the guarantees that the Insausti name affords.

Efficiency and reliability’ is our motto

  • Efficiency in making your idea a reality or reproducing an existing item whilst improving its characteristics, at the best price.
  • Reliability of delivery times, quality and dimensions; arranged to suit your requirements.
  • Contact us and with your specifications and our experience we will manufacture anything from one brush to a large order.