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PIPE CLEANERS - Industrial Brushes

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pipe cleaner brushes,
Design your pipe cleaner brushes,
Design your own pipe cleaner brushes.


Pipe cleaners or bottle brushes are specially designed for cleaning or treating the interior surfaces of parts with small dimensions, or that are difficult to access.

We can reach the interior walls as well as the most inaccessible base.

It is manufactured simply, consisting of a twisted wire that holds the fibres in the shape of a cylinder.

Where to use pipe cleaner brushes:

  • Cleaning of all kinds of containers such as cups, bottles, carafes, test tubes, pipettes (laboratory materials)
  • LimpiezaCleaning and treatment of tubes (weapons)
  • Cleaning boilers
  • Deburring of machined parts
  • Cleaning of moulds
  • Cleaning of radiators

The most common measurements and qualities:

measurements and qualities of pipe cleaner brushes
(All measurements are in mm)

The thickness or quality of the fibre will be adjusted depending on the type of application.

We advise on materials according to your needs.

If you have any question or query regarding the pipe cleaner brushes, please Contact us